Demo Guitars

I try to keep a few stock guitars that I've made for demonstration. Currently, these are one X-braced classical guitar, and two recently finished 1940 Hauser I copies.

Contact me if you would like to make an appointment to try them out. These guitars are also available for sale.

Hauser I/Bream 1940 Model 17.

no. 17/114

Copy of the 1940 Hermann Hauser I guitar played by Julian Bream for many years.

Spruce top, indian rosewood back and sides.

653mm scale-length.

This design produces a strong, supple sound, which is very well focused and balanced, and notable for remarkably well separated string voices, and consequent clarity across the whole range of the instrument. Depth and focus in the bass contrasts with the beautiful, clear trebles. It also has a wide tone palette between fingerboard and bridge, which lends itself to colourful, romantic and expressive playing. It's great clarity makes it ideal for baroque works too.

Hauser I 1940 copy by Rohan Lowe

Model 12 X-braced classical

no. 12/94

Spruce and indian rosewood with maple bindings.

650mm scale-length.

My X-braced designs produce a very immediate response and good sustain even in the high trebles. Like all my designs, the sound is strong, well balanced and even across the range, with clarity and focus as well as warmth and airiness. Very easy to play.


Model 13 X-braced classical

no. 13/95

Spruce and malaysian blackwood, mahogany bindings.

650mm scale-length.

All the comments on the above guitar apply to this one too, but the dense Malaysian blackwood imparts a darker tone overall and a more powerful bass.