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2008 No. 12/71 Model 12 Spruce top / Brazilian rosewood back and sides. ( It has documentation from DEFRA)

Price £3500

This model 12 fan-braced classical guitar was made in a period when I had recently had Julian Bream's 1940 Hauser in my workshop, and inspired by that instrument's E flat frequency, was experimenting with a lower body resonance. In this case, that resonance is around E, and as a result this guitar has a profound bass. The tone is exceptional, possessing great clarity in all registers.

It is very enjoyable and satisfying to play. The owner is selling simply because he finds cedar tops suit his playing style better ( He owns a model 12 cedar classical, which I made for him in 2006).

It is in fairly good condition with light playing/handling marks in the french polish of the top. The back has some cracks, which you can see in the photos, repaired by me in 2009 after someone trying the guitar at home for an extended period dried it out. Since then the back has remained stable. N.B. It is advisable to use a hygrometer to keep an eye on humidity levels where your guitar is stored, especially when the harder, more brittle rosewoods are used for back and sides - if it gets too dry, humidify!. If stored correctly there will be no problems. For instance, another very similar guitar made the same year, which I have kept solely in my possession has never cracked.

If you are interested in this guitar, call me for a chat or email me.