Guitar 12/73

Spruce and Indian rosewood Long-bar braced crossover guitar.

This guitar has two long parallel (almost) bars supporting the top, running the length of the guitar instead of a transverse bar below the soundhole with fan braces. The elliptical soundhole is there to accommodate the position of these bars. The famous french maker Laprevotte in the C19th used an elliptical soundhole, and for the same reason, but whereas he used transverse bars in the lower bout which arched over the longitudinal bars, I chose to use several light transverse struts which joint underneath them. The purpose of this design was to be able to support the top a bit more strongly than a traditional fan-braced one, but without sacrificing a low body resonance ( this one is F ), to produce a response well suited to other styles of playing than classical or flamenco - not that you can't use it for classical playing - you can. It works well too. The response is very " immediate", meaning that a full sound comes out without having to make large efforts in tone production. Having said that, a wide range of tone colour is available if you have good tone production technique. The sound is clear and well separated with warm, deep bass and very good sustain in all registers. Really enjoyable to play!

Paul Karas writes:

"Rohan made this guitar for himself, I thought the experiment on sound hole and bracing made the guitar sound so wonderful that I pleaded with him to let me buy it, he very graciously agreed.
The profound bass is creamy and deeply satisfying and a perfect foundation for the smooth clarity of the trebles; this guitar would certainly be the luxury I would take to a desert island.
I was so grateful to Rohan for letting me buy it that I have promised to leave it to him in my Will! "

12.73 Spruce/ indian crossover guitar