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    Fine Classical, Flamenco and Crossover Guitars

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New model 12 fan-braced guitar available for demonstration. See Demo guitars page.

Maker of Fine Classical and Flamenco Guitars

Rohan Lowe is an english luthier who began making guitars in 1993, and has lived and worked in Lewes, East Sussex, in the south-east of England since 1995. Working primarily in the spanish tradition of Antonio de Torres, he has also created designs stemming from other european traditions, developing his own unique style, making refined, musical guitars of character and charm, which also provide enough power and projection for concert performance.

Guitar Photo Gallery

Guitar Photo Gallery


"The instruments made by Rohan Lowe continue the great tradition of Tarrega...

It is an instrument which provides me with every possible tonal colour...

..Simply, it’s an extraordinary guitar....

...nothing came close to this guitar for sheer enjoyment of playing."

I am still entirely happy with the instrument after 8 years. It sounds beautiful..."more

Second-hand 2008 Model 12 for sale. Click here for details

Video/Audio Recordings

Video/Audio Recordings

New video: Clip from Hong Tee's debut album 'Evocation'

Rosette Photo Gallery

Rosette Photo Gallery

Construction Photo Gallery

Construction Photos